I make my games using the awesome engine Clickteam Fusion. I also create tutorials and examples for Clickteam Fusion. They are all available on my Patreon page. Check them out and make some games. Click on the big Patreon button!

Sliding menu’s example
Level – Beginner
Create dynamic sliding menus with many components


Inventory bag example
Level – Intermediate +
Create a modifiable and expandable ARPG loot and bag system. Drag & Drop and trashing of items included


Fog of war example
Level – Beginner +
Create a simple and dynamic fog of war effect


Particle creation & gold drop
Level – Intermediate
Create a particle effect that shows the value of coins exploding from a chest and a fire effect that can change colour!


Trivia game and Database
Level – Beginner +
Create a fully working Trivia game and a database to add your own questions and answers


Dialogue editor and integration into game
Level – Intermediate
Create a fully working dialogue database, save and load the data, this is then used in a game. Game and Database included.


Random weapon generation
Level – Beginner
Create random weapons with prefix names, elements and stats. Easy to update and modify


Making a weapons database
Level – Beginner
Create a fully working weapon database. Save and load the data that can be used in any game (great for RPG’s)


Random loot from a random pool of items
Level – Intermediate
Create a random pool of items and when clicking on the crate a random item from the pool will be added to your inventory


Random loot saved and loaded from MyDocuments directory
Level – Beginner
Create a save file directory in the users MyDocuments directory and then save and load the random gem loot


Creat Objects by name in a loop
Level – Beginner +
A simple example of how to create objects using their name and a number


3 x Fast loop examples
Level – Beginner
3 fully documented examples showing and explaining how to use fast loops in Clickteam Fusion.