Comets, Moons, Planets and Gas Giants


I am aware that I have not posted her for some time however that is about to change! I intend to update you guys with a development log of Geo (and anything else i work on) at least once a week. Your greedy for the info and I’m cooking up tasty morsels of gaming delight to quench that insatiable hunger for knowledge…. or something like that.

As always Geo development has been powering on, my main challenge at the moment is designing and implementing all the drill sites in the game. There are 4 types of drill site in Geo Comets, Moons, Planets and Gas Giants. As you would imagine comets are smaller than moons which are smaller than planets and so on. Each drill site contains different materials and items to collect as well as other things to find and see. Each site has its own set of statistics such as depth, gravity and elemental damage (Heat, Cold and Acid). At the very centre of these sites a core of pure treasure…… If you can get down that far!

I would like to share some of these drill sites with you. From left to right there are 5 Comets, 3 Moons, 2 Planets and 1 Gas Giant. I am aiming for over 100 drill sites in Geo and I have so far designed over 50.


When you first start Geo you will only be able to find 1 Star drill sites, as you progress through Geo and drill the cores of the drill sites you will gather Core Fragments, you can use these to unlock the ability to uncover 2,3,4 (and so on) star sites.The higher the star rating of the site the harder it is to drill however it will harbour greater reward.

I have also been designing the many crew members available to unlock and hire in Geo. Each crew member brings their own stats to the table so they are important in your success. Can you find them all?


Thanks for reading and I will update further on Geo’s development soon. Much love!