Exploring and Monsters


Hey everyone. A brief update as to what I have been up to with Geo. As always I have added some more stuff to the game. The major change is the addition of creatures to the drilling. At present I have designed and added 4 different creatures, all of which make life just that much harder. I intend to add a few more weird and wonderful creatures to terrorise you while drilling. My favourite being the good old Mimic. Heading for chests just became a little tougher! The creatures work well in adding a little extra of the unexpected while drilling. These creatures are linked to the difficulty of the drill site so the harder the site the more intense the creatures.


I have also done a large amount of work recently on balancing the game and the pacing of uncovering everything, I have also added some more crew members and lots of new drill sites, some of which I will share soon. Geo is shaping up nicely. Here is one of the quadrants Geo threw at me while I was playing.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this brief update. More soon