Geo – Drill Site levels and Research Roulette!


Hey everyone. As always plenty of new things added to Geo recently. The two new major additions are Drill site levels and a Research Roulette.

Drill site levelling – Once you have drilled the core of a drill site (Comet, Moon, Planet or Gas Giant) There is a chance that it will be found again when exploring new quadrants of space. Once found again it will increase in level which will increase its depth, gravity and other stats. The core will be renewed allowing you to collect even more to power up your drill and Headquarters.

Research Roulette – When drilling you collect research coins, these are used for unlocking new rooms for you to build however they now have an additional purpose. For a small fee (in research coins) you can take a gamble on the Research Roulette. Opening the special chest and revealing a random tile. This tile will forever more be worth 50% more cash!

Loads of further work has been done on the balance and adding new crew members, Rooms, Drill Sites and more. Refinement of user interfaces and general polish.

Here is a vid of the Research Roulette for you to have a look at.

Thanks and hope you like!