Geo – Landing Station and Bonuses


Hey everyone. A lot of jobs ticked off the list today for Geo including two new additions… Firstly I have added a landing station to the HQ screen. The landing station will show your current drill and above the station a hologram of your current corporate ranking division.

Geo - HQ with Landing Station

I have also added 8 new objects that can appear in the voids when you are drilling. Alongside a new solid gold super chest I have added a collection of super powerups called discs. The one below restore all of your drill health. There is only a very small chance of these appearing so don’t expect to run into the often.


As always I have spent a huge amount of time refining and balancing the gameplay. Its a huge task but it is really starting to come together nicely. Thanks for dropping by and I will provide more tasty Geo nuggets soon. Much love.