Geo – More New Monsters


Hey everyone. Geo development is rocketing toward completion. Every spare minute of every day is being poured into this game. Almost everything is now in the game, every planet, every crew member….. everything. What I am doing now is adding some more monsters and finishing touches. Today I will introduce you to 2 new monster. The Bonson, and the Morblox. The Bonson is a crazed alien fluff ball that bounces around uncontrollably. It will destroy some tiles and when it does out pops another smaller version. Keep away from this crazy beasty.
The Morblox is a slower but possibly more dangerous creature. As it slides silently though the drill site, every thing it touches turns into glowing toxic sludge that will damage you on impact. Not only is it limiting your earnings by removing tiles, its laying a dangerous trail in its wake.


Thanks for dropping by. And stay tuned for a release date announcement!