Geo – Nearly finished!


Hey everyone. Progress on Geo is powering on. I have spent an incredible amount of time balancing and tweaking every tile, crew member, room and everything else to make Geo as enjoyable as it should be. Geo is racing toward the finishing line with almost everything now in the game and working, I still intend to add a few more monsters and a few more little treats to find when drilling but other than that Geo is almost complete. I will give you a sneaky peak of these as and when I complete them in the coming weeks.

The entire soundtrack has been in the game now for quite some time however I would like to take this opportunity to applaud the amazing work of Neil “Injekted” Stevens who has provided the audio caviar that awaits within Geo. Trust me when I tell you its a knock out sound track!

In the spirit of celebration here is a screen shot of my current play through HQ. Its pretty large but no where near big enough. I better get back to drilling if I want to make this HQ even larger. Thanks for dropping by. I will provide you all with more info soon!