Geo – Tiles and Items


Hey everyone. I thought I would take a little time out and show you the inner workings of Geo’s planets and comets. One of the main objectives in Geo is to explore uncharted space and uncover new comets, moons, planets and gas giants. Each one of these “drill sites” is comprised on a collection of materials which you drill, from simple mud to more complex and amazing materials.
There is a lot of information behind these drill sites. Firstly each and every material you drill (known as Tiles in Geo) has its own set of information detailing its density and value. There are over 100 Tiles to find and drill in Geo. Here are 3 of them…


These tiles make up the bulk of all drill sites, some of which are extremely rare and hard to find. Each drill site has a specific makeup of these tiles in varying levels of rarity. For example mud is a very common tile to find and is everywhere early on in the game whereas copper is fairly uncommon. As you progress through the game and uncover larger and more unforgiving drill sites copper will be found more often and newer and rarer tiles will appear. Searching space and finding new places to drill will uncover a huge variety of tiles and each tile you find has its own purpose to help you progress further and faster.

You will also uncover huge amounts of treasure items. A crazy assortment of objects can be found by drilling chests and planet cores. These items along with the tiles you find can be used to research new facilities to build in your Headquarters. Researching has many benefits (which I will explain later) but the single most important is unlocking new facilities and rooms. New rooms give better drilling power’s. New rooms also allow you to allocate more crew members and increase you potential even further.

Tiles and Items are an important aspect of Geo, there are over 100 tiles and over 100 items to find and collect and all have a purpose. As you approach the later part of Geo certain items cannot be found simply through drilling. If you drill a certain amount of each tile you can unlock its fuse ability. This may be another more scarce tile or a rare item. Every tile can be fused into something else for example once you have drilled 250 plus mud tiles you can unlock its fusion. Fusing 100 mud will create 1 copper tile, these newly fused items and tiles can then be used in the research screen to unlock even better facilities for your Headquarters. Below are just a small fraction of the items you can find in Geo. From dark elements and alien artefacts to a slab of cheese.

Another reason to hunt for items is for crew contracts. When exploring space you will stumble upon a range of crazy creatures. They will come and work for you (and increase your drilling stats) however they first need to be given a set amount of items that they request. Complete this request and the crew member is yours! (over 100 crew members to find, gotta catch em all!)
crew-contract-1In the screen shot above “Sherbert” is requesting 3 different items. The gold square is a complete portion of the request however 3 yellow paint tins are still outstanding. Collect them and hand them over to “Sherbert” and you have yourself a new crew member to hire.

This post covers a small section of what Geo has to offer. I will post more over the next few weeks about all the fun stuff you will find in Geo. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did share it around and let people know Geo is on its way! I hope to be releasing Geo to Steam very soon. Thanks again for dropping by.