Where did Geo come from?


Hey everyone, today I would like to share with you where Geo came from and what spurred the idea back in the summer of 2015. Initially Geo was to be a clicker game in which the player had very limited interaction with the game except for upgrading the drill. There were no crew members, no headquarters and no planets. The drill would move from left to right drilling all in its path, you make some cash and upgrade your drill, simple as that. Over time I began adding new interfaces and ideas into the game and started to really consider what I could do with the concept of drilling planets and this is when I decided to redesign Geo from the ground up, increase the scope and complexity and make Geo into a cross between what I had already designed and a business simulation. I was excited to see where the idea would go and what Geo would become. I also wanted to see if finding a new variety of mud could be a fun concept (time will tell on that one). Below is a screen shot of Geo mid 2015.


As development progressed I decided that space exploration would be an important part of Geo, uncovering areas of space and stumbling on an alien world is exciting to me so I set about designing a system for space exploration. Personally I like games in which you uncover things, turning over tiles to reveal a prize and in Geo a new planet or comet is that prize, It is alarming how many interfaces and mechanics have been added and removed from Geo over its development. One such mechanic was the idea of Biomes. Biomes were pre designed areas of tiles of a specific type with a hand drawn background. I had designed many of these Biomes but they never made the game. Below is a few of these biomes.


Development continued and I began designing the Headquarter however it was not a building but a series of upgradable space ships in which you would add rooms. I designed several of these ships before deciding that a building would be a better approach, a place to return to after exploring and drilling. At this point Geo started to take shape. A headquarters screen would be the home of the operation, a place to view and consider what you have discovered and what to do next. This is when I started thinking about adding crew members, it seemed logical that if you have a headquarter’s your going to want some staff. Designing crew members for Geo is one of my favourite tasks and at time of writing this I have designed 56 with the intention of a total of over 100 crew members to find and hire. Below are a few of the space ship headquarters that never made the game


The next major addition to Geo was the research system. This system has taken many forms over the development of Geo until reaching the final version. There are alot of things to find and collect in Geo and the research system makes use of them all, boiling down hundreds of items into unlockable rooms and facilities for your HQ. I really enjoy the idea of everything having its purpose and in Geo even mud from the very first comet has a purpose.

Development of Geo is full steam ahead and I am loving every minute of it. More is being added everyday and I hope that Geo will be an enjoyable yet unusual game. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this insight into Geo and its humble beginnings.