Dreamstones Greenlight Progress!

Hey everyone! Dreamstones is doing well in Steam Greenlight. The votes are still rolling in. Thank you all for your ongoing support and I hope you will enjoy Dreamstones once it is finished. Development is going very well and I am fast approaching a playable version. Enjoy another Gif!


Daily Roundup – 09.05.2017

Hey everyone – Daily Roundup – Rewrote code to control building new buildings and the load function for this, Completed animated clock tower building and half way through designing music store. Spent evening with Injekted​ working on the Dreamstones soundtrack. Enjoy a gif!


Dream Council!

Hey everyone. Sorry for lack of posts. I have been working tirelessly on the newest game Dreamstones. Make sure to swing by the Windybeard Twitch channel to check out the development live. I have recently designed the following characters, these are the Dream Council members. It will be your job in Dreamstones to rescue these little creatures from the Nightlings! Thanks for dropping by and I will try and keep you posted on the progress of Dreamstones!
Dream Council Designs

Saturday 18/03/2017 – Big livestream!

Hey everyone, I will be livestreaming development of my newest game Dreamstones all day on Twitch. I will also be giving away some copies of my other games, some other awesome indie games and a copy of Clickteam Fusion and new 3D extension Firefly. Swing by and say hello!

I am planning to start streaming at 1230 GMT. 


Geo updated!

Geo Update Image

Geo has been updated with the following…

    • Click and hold is now possible when drilling (reducing wear and tear on both mouse and fingers!)
    • Pressing escape will now close all menu screens when in the Headquarters screen (the same as right clicking)
    • Tutorial (N.A.V.I) text speed greatly increased and can also be clicked through at a greater speed if needed.
    • Music and sound will now mute when application is minimised.
    • Up and down screen buttons/arrows are now larger and flash green to make more visible.
    • Crew slots in rooms built are now more visible and labled as Crew slots
    • Corrected spelling and grammer errors throughout the game

Further updates are on the way. Mr Banihan thanks sends his love.